We are a team that is dedicated to bringing linux to everyone. Re-Founded in 2012, we are working to make linux more accessible to everyone. No more super geeky meetings - we are doing our best to make it basic, and easy to understand for all.

We are also working hard at distro reviews, the Application Replacment list, and much much more.

We typically meet on the first tuesday of every month, in the library of McCann Tech High School. - We have an audio podcast which we do on a google hangout, and as more guests come, we will be up for general linux discussion, and maybe a workshop to help you learn all about linux.

The Berkshire Linux Users Group offers all sorts of help and guides on how to use it. However, we do support all distros the fullest, and will be happy to assist you with anything you may need help with.

We Are:

  • Bryan Field
  • Perry Burdick
  • David Scott
  • Andrew Horn
  • Shayne Cahalan
  • Drew Burdick

Soon we will have install fests, where you can bring your computer down, learn about linux, and if you choose, we will install it for you on your PC, and we can even keep windows installed as well if you'd like.