What is Linux? - Well it's an operating system, similar to windows, that runs on your computer. It's what allows you to get online, play games, listen to music, edit documents, and much much more. It's the most basic, and advanced software that communicates with your hardware to make your PC a usable machine.

Why Linux? - Well, first off, it's not Windows. So there's that. Smile - Also, it's free. That's a huge plus. You don't have to pay for it, unlike Windows, and it works well, even with an older computer. So, if you have a five to seven year old PC, that runs slow with Windows, chances are Linux is a terrific choice to breath some life into the aging machine. It is not effected by viruses and spyware - that's not to say it's 100% impervious to them, but there's a greater chance of your car spontaneously combusting than catching a virus in Linux.

Why doesn't everyone use this? - Well, not everyone has heard about it, or may be scared to try it, as it's often described as being a bit more difficult to learn. That's where we come in. We're trying our hardest to make Linux easy for you, and to let everyone know that options exist beyond Mac and Windows.

Where can I get it? - For starters, we reccomend Ubuntu - it's easy to install, update, and use. It's made for the beginner. But if your feeling a little more adventerous, or have some background knowledge with Linux, check out DistroWatch. It's a terrific website to see what distro's are popular, and which ones aren't. We will also soon be doing a Distro of the month, as well as monthly distro reviews to help you with these decisions.