Flip Flopping - Posted by: Drew Burdick on 7/22/13

    The question I've been asked is why I have always had a reason to go back to Microsoft Windows even though I know of and currently use Linux, I've let the question rattle around in my mind for a bit and I've realized it is a fairly difficult question because is there ever a really good reason to go back to Windows? My answer to that question is simple, for me at least. Yes, sometimes, there can be a good reason to pay a visit to Windows. I know what you hard core Linux users may be thinking, but I honestly believe that Windows can come in handy.

    My biggest issue with Linux is the lack of support by larger outstanding companies (I.E. Adobe, Apple, etc.). I'm a website developer that creates my own images and such and I love my Adobe Photoshop, and the fact that Linux users are limited to Adobe Photoshop CS2 can be quite annoying. In my eyes Adobe Photoshop CS6 is just so much more comprehensive with every mouse stroke and I get the job done much quicker and a lot better. “What about GIMP?”, I know someone out there is saying. GIMP being an open-source program is great for what it is, but GIMP is overly complicated and made for the more patient users.

    My next point doesn't really apply to me anymore, but when I had an iPod and iPhone I needed Apples glorified media management software known as iTunes to keep all my music and applications organized. Once again the Linux users are given a blind eye by a larger corporation. I do acknowledge the fact that many open-source music management programs do support iPods, iPhones, and iPads more often than not now of days, but iTunes never crashed on me nor did it ever give me any other issues other than being very slow.

    There aren't many things that keep me to Windows, but those few things are enough. In any way a Linux user can look at it there is no good reason to go back to Windows, but you have to travel back to your roots. My roots start with Windows and end with Linux any day of the week. Where are your roots?


The world of Linux - Posted By: Shayne Cahalan on 7/23/13

    Upon first glance of the linux world it seems to be overwhelming and a little frightening, but if you do a little research you can see that you can easily have your computer exactly how you would like by using different distros, and working environments. With all the choices it will allow you the ability to have as much or as little control you like. This is the great thing because no two distros are alike -  there is always a minor difference which is why your choice all comes down to preference. With most versions, they have a liveCD option, so you can get a feel for the operating system, without even installing it, or changing what your using. If you don't like it, then there is no harm done and you don't have to go through the entire process of trying to delete it off of your computer. If you do like it, all it takes is the install button on the desktop, following the onscreen instructions, and linux is installed!  

    Now, most installations will be simple whereas if you are feeling adventurous you can install a much more difficult one such as LFS or Gentoo. Personally I have not explored or tested a lot of the different versions, but out of what I have tried my preference is Linux Mint running Cinnamon as well as fluxbox. (These are just some of the different desktops you can choose)  I just enjoy the simplicity of fluxbox as well as the difference from windows with cinnamon. Another one I like is Ubuntu because although it is a completely different beast from windows or iOS. It is relatively easy to use and everything just kinda works such as a trackpad or using multiple monitors, as well as things such as mics, and  usb devices, etc. The best I could tell you is to just try something. My very first experience other than android phones was Ubuntu and it was a very nice experience, so it peeked my curiosity. That made me look at what else Linux had to offer and with this research, a new linux user was born and I could only hope the same for you.