Making A Bootable Linux USB

For this I used

After downloading pendrivelinux you can launch the executable and use the drop down list to find the version of linux you have an IOS for, If the version you have is not listed if you go to the bottom of the list it gives you the option to install a version that is not listed.

A nice feature of pendrive linux is that it is not only easy to use, but it will also download any version of linux that it has listed in it, so if you want to try out new Distros or old ones all you have to do is launch the executable and choose the one you want and tell it to download it for you.

when you click yes it will open a web link to the iso and start downloading it automatically.


After you download the iso you will find its location.


You then select the USB drive you want to install it to.

And format it if need be.


Then click create.




Click yes and the program will start making the Bootable USB drive.





Your USB drive is ready!

Restart your computer and boot from the USB drive.

(you might have to look up how to boot from usb if you don’t know how, google your computer model and manufacturer or motherboard if you have a custom computer)